About Us


www.MapVIO.com is a product and a trademark of


with president Petko Radilov.


MapVIO.com is a video map for interactive marketing and
advertisement, aiming to influence the potential customer by
increasing his or her trust towards the service/product of the
provider/producer and his brand.
MapVIO.com is a complete concept for the dialogue between the
brand and the client of small/medium business enterprises.
MapVIO.com is video entertainment that helps us visit interesting
places, geographical and historical landmarks.
MapVIO.com is a cultural video guide, that helps us see
promotional videos for theatrical, opera, and ballet productions, as
well as concerts, art exhibitions, and many others.
MapVIO.com is video adviser helping people decide where and
what they can visit to study, practice their favorite sport or hobby.


The idea to create a video map that is at the same time a video
portal comes to his mind in the United States when many
companies hire the services of Petko Radilov to produce short
video movies to help their online sales for various products and
services. His clients are designers, artists, theatrical and ballet
troupes whose videos can still be seen on this website.
The results are good, but the statistics clearly show that less and
less clients have the patience and free time to read and attached
advertising text and more and more they show their preference to
see the video fist. The smartphone revolution from the last few
years solidifies his decision to create the video portal that aims
using its interactive video map to attract the potential clients with

a video materials first and then to give them the opportunity to visit
his advertisers websites for more information.
Following the client’s first instinct – to “see” what “there is around
him”, the site list the videos not only by keyword, but also by
proximity to the client’s location to the place where the promoted
cultural, social, sports or geographical event is happening or the
advertised good or service is being sold.
MapVIO.com is a unique concept with no direct analogue in the

Who is Who

Petko Radilov – Founder & CEO of MapVIO.com
+359 88 878 8210

Petko Radilov is a producer and director, that due to his many
international awards has received the opportunity to acquire green
card for extraordinari ability and to start his own successful
company in the United States after receiving American citizenship.
He is behind the creation of the first Bulgarian professional video
film in the year of 1989 that is selected in the competition program
of the international festival for music and entertainment television
productions “Rose d’Or” (The Golden Rose) in Montreux,
Switzerland in two consecutive editions of the festival in 1990 and
1991. In the year of 1991 with a budget for the old-fashioned
television theater he takes the production outside of the studio and
creates the first television movie, “Leap through closed window”
from Ilia Grozdanov, winning second place on the festival in
Pescara, Italy. Next is the television movie “Last stop” from Hristo
Boychev and many other.

 Daniel Hristov – Sales and Marketing Manager of MapVIO.com
+ 359 89 432 2282
 Stefan Petrov – Design of the trademark logo